About Cai Baby

Cai Baby Massage offers the International Association of Infant Massage programme of strokes and routines with a focus on strengthening the parent-baby bond.

Classes are run by Cheryl and delivered in Haywards Heath, Eastbourne and surrounding areas.

Cai Baby massage offers classes for babies from birth to 1. Classes are baby-led so follow baby’s cues. I welcome feeding, nappy changing, playing with and comforting baby during classes, so don't worry if class times coincide with a nap or meal time. All babies are welcome, with all of their emotions and ways of communicating them.

I liked the open friendly atmosphere, and that it was a baby-led class so I could keep baby happy and not miss out!

Mum, 2018

There are bespoke massage dolls available for you to practice strokes on if your baby is sleeping.

Cai Baby offers a safe, non-judgemental, calm and welcoming space for all parents. Each class includes some relaxation, discussion and massage. I'll also make you a cup of tea.

Cai Baby Massage is an eco-conscious business. My aim is to spread the benefits of nurturing touch and baby massage, but not at the cost of our environment. I aim to minimise the plastic I use while maximising organic, recycled, local and fair trade products.

Cai Baby