Top 6 gift ideas for parents

A few of my friends are pregnant, and it’s got me thinking - many new parents are lucky enough to receive lots of gifts when their baby is born. People bring clothes and teddies, or blankets and muslins, which is so kind. But, what about parents who have the things they need?

What can you gift when you want to offer something that will ease their load or brighten their day?


Some parents would really appreciate a couple of hours cleaning support over the first weeks with their newborn. I would have loved this! It would have reduced my ‘to do’ list that was distracting me from relaxing with my baby. I also know I feel happier in a clear and clean space.

On a practical level, my daughter was born by caesarean birth, so I wasn’t in the position to whip the hoover around (even if I had been, it wouldn’t have been on the top of priority list).


When you have a newborn you need energy, you need nourishing food. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten so many take away meals as during the first months of Isabella’s life. I didn’t have the headspace, time or energy to prepare meals.

Do you enjoy cooking? Do you sprinkle your food with love? Perhaps you could pop over with prepared meals for the parents in your life?

Post-natal relaxation

Gift Ideas for parents

Isabella was a few months old when I walked to the post box & realised that it was the first time I’d been on my own since she was born. When I realised that - and had reassured myself that she was at home with her Dad & I didn’t need to panic - I took a very slow walk home, just breathing.

Could you gift a parent some relaxation, a massage, some alone time, a bit of pampering or an afternoon tea perhaps?

Baby massage

Baby massage classes are a great reason to get out of the house. They offer the space to meet other parents, share experiences & normalise the highs & lows of parenting.

My baby massage classes are relaxed, gentle & calm for parents and their baby or babies. Baby massage offers parents a tool by which they get to know their baby and feel enabled to help ease and soothe their baby’s pains & tension. Plus, it can help promote a secure attachment and improved sleeping. What a gift!


I have one nice photograph of me pregnant with Isabella. We don’t have any photographs of the three of us taken during her first year that I think are nice, none that I would share or print and I regret that. I have hardly any with me and her together.

Often parents will take a lot of photographs, but perhaps not feature in many. It can be tricky getting a nice family photo with everyone looking in the right direction and without nappy bags and washing in the background (maybe that’s just me?).

Are you a dab hand with a camera, or do you know of a local maternity, newborn and family photographer? The gift of moments captured forever.

Postnatal doula support

A postnatal doula can give parents the time, space & support to recover & lean into their new role as a parent or parent to more than one. A postnatal doula can support you with your baby or babies, help with siblings, spend time with your pet, do light cleaning, prepare food and help you to relax. Different doulas will offer different services. It is important that the parent chooses their doula.

What gift would you have loved?

February 2019

Cheryl Titherly
Certified Infant Massage Instructor with IAIM
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