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Mini First Aid

I am pleased to let you know that I have completed the Mini First Aid Baby & Child First Aid Class

Cai Baby Beach

Cai Baby beach

Cai Baby has adopted beach number 6 through Plastic Free Eastbourne.

This means I commit to cleaning this beach and helping to record the type of rubbish that is washed ashore. You can adopt a beach too!

Story Massage Workshop

I am now offering a 90 minute story massage workshop via Zoom. Learn the Story Massage Programme strokes & create your own story massage. You can book either a 1-2-1 or a private small group workshop.

Story Massage workshop

Nursery Rhyme Week

Nursery Rhyme Week

The 16th November begins Nursery Rhyme Week. Join me on Facebook for live story massage to some classic nursery rhymes

Hand Massage

I have completed CPD in hand massage techniques, so I can now offer mums a de-stress hand massage and teach you how to massage your baby or child's hand to promote calm & wellbeing.

hand massage notice

Infant Microbiome

Microbiome course

I have completed Microbirth's ‘The Infant Microbiome & Epigenetics’ course. It is full of interesting information and has certainly increased my understanding of colic, reflux & the impact of the baby's and birthing person's microbiome.

Baby Flux

Baby Flux

This week I joined The Baby Reflux Lady for her fascinating Baby Reflux Awareness training for Fourth Trimester Professionals. It will definitely help me better support parents in the future.

Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave

I am now on maternity leave. I hope to offer face to face classes and doula support again beginning in January 2021.

Online Baby Yoga

Online baby massage

I am now offering online baby yoga courses. You can book either a 1-2-1 or private small group course with me now. Each course will run for 4 consecutive weeks with weekly one hour classes.

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Online Baby Massage Course

Online baby massage

I am now offering online baby massage courses. You can book either a 1-2-1 or private small group course with me now. Each course will run for 5 consecutive weeks with weekly one hour classes.

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Story Massage

Story Massage

I will now also offer story massage courses & seasonal workshops through Cai Baby.

The Story Massage Programme offers a fun and interactive way of combining the creativity of story with the benefits of positive touch. It is suitable for all ages and abilities, though I will focus on parent-infant and parent-child groups.

New venue

New venue in North Chailey

On the 6th January I will trial a new venue in North Chailey for my baby massage classes. I will deliver my 5 week course at the new Nubie Hub, Leanne Miller Studios on Mondays.

Bereavement Specialist

Bereavement specialist

I am honoured to be the Specialist Certified Infant Massage Instructor for bereavement (babies and infants) for the UK branch of the International Association of Infant Massage. I am privileged to support fellow CIMIs.

Baby Yoga launch

Baby Yoga starts January

Cai Baby Yoga will launch in January 2020! Booking is now open for my January, February and March courses at The Old School, Cuckfield. Find out more here.

Baby Yoga


In October I trained to offer Baby Yoga for babies from 12 weeks to mobile. I trained with birthlight, a highly respected course provider. I will offer 4 week baby yoga courses soon - exciting times!

Baby Loss

I am chuffed to have an article featured in the latest edition of Touch Matters, the official newsletter of the UK chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

Baby loss is a difficult topic for many, so I'm pleased to see it featured.

You can read this article via my blog

Sands Workshop

Sands Workshop

In July I attended the Sands Pregnancy loss & the death of a baby one-day workshop for doulas. The day was full & very thought provoking. It was a really valuable day that will certainly inform my services.

Muddy Stilettos Awards

Cai Baby Massage has made it to the final of the Sussex Muddy Stilettos Awards! I am so delighted that I have made the final 5 in the Best Newcomer category. Please do vote for Cai Baby massage to win. Voting is open until 22nd May. Click the picture to go to the voting page. Thank you.

I am a Doula

Nurturing Birth

During autumn 2018 I trained with Nurturing Birth as a Doula. There is a real need for postnatal support and the benefits are of this support is clear. I am so excited to add this postnatal support to my offerings through Cai Baby. Do get in touch if you have any questions.

Attachment Parenting UK

Attachment Parenting

I am now a member of Attachment Parenting UK. I am so excited to have access the online Positive Discipline course and read through their resources. Are you a member?

Association for Infant Mental Health UK (AIMH)

I am now a member of the Association for Infant Mental Health UK (AIMH).

The AIMH exists to generate awareness of, and knowledge about, the importance of infant mental health, not only for the long-term well-being of the child, but for society more generally. AIMH is a UK Registered Charity with the objective to advance knowledge for the public benefit in the field of infant mental health.

By being a member I will help to promote universal acknowledgement of the impact of the early nurturing environment on the early emotional development of babies.

Baby Wearing Peer Supporter

Cheryl wearing a baby-wearing sling

I am now a qualified baby wearing peer supporter with The School of Babywearing. If you are attending one of my sessions and you are using a sling or carrier, I can help you to use it in a safe way that is most comfortable for you and your baby.

Perfect Gift

Picture of voucher

Are you looking for the perfect gift?

You can gift a place on a group course, or book the mum in your life a private 1-1 course, or money towards either.

Create your bespoke gift. Contact Cheryl for details

Independent Professional Therapists International

Independent Professional Therapists International

Cheryl has become a full member of the Independent Professional Therapists International - an independent professional association of alternative and complementary therapists. The IPTI aims to provide a meeting ground for all therapists who have as a common aim, the well being of others.

St John Ambulance training

St John's course

I spent a fascinating two days with a great group of family focused workers learning paediatric first aid with St John Ambulance. The course meets the Ofsted Early Years and Childcare Register requirements. Having completed and passed the course, my certificate is valid for 3 years. I am now qualified to administer first aid to an infant or child. It was a full two days, but very worthwhile.

Babies born prematurely, or small

Babies born prematurely certificate

I attended a wonderful IAIM training day with Cherry Bond, focussing on babies born prematurely. There is so much to learn about the neonatal experience. I gained an awareness of special considerations for babies and parents in a community class setting as well learning lovely stroke adaptions for babies with particular needs.

Gift vouchers available


Are you looking for an original baby shower gift? Perhaps you have a colleague going on maternity leave and you’re trying to find the perfect gift? Are you struggling to find a gift for your pregnant friend or sister?

A Cai Baby Massage course is the perfect gift for a pregnant friend, colleague or family member. Baby massage promotes the baby-parent bond, improved sleep patterns and eases physical and emotional tension. You can gift a 1-1 course, a place on a group course or an amount toward either.

Please contact me for further information on

Interview with Cheryl

If you would like to know a little bit more about me and Cai Baby, you can read ‘An Interview with’ featured on the website of local photographer Sarah Fisher.

Marvellous Marvellous Massage

Marvellous Massage article

Cai Baby Massage is featured in the winter edition on ABC Magazine Sussex! You can read all about the marvellous benefits of baby massage on pages 71 & 72.

Contact me for more information or if you want to book a place on one of our courses.

Parenting after Loss

I have attended Sands (the Stillbirth & neonatal death charity), CBUK (Child Bereavement UK), The Lullaby Trust and ARC (Antenatal Results & Choices) training & workshops focused on communication skills, supporting choice, the parent experience and understanding feelings of loss and grief around pregnancy loss and the death of a baby. If you have a surviving sibling(s), or you are parenting after a loss, baby massage can be a wonderful way to grow your bond with your new baby & spend time in a relaxed and friendly environment.