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  Baby Massage

Host a baby massage courseBook a 5 week group course.
Massage courseBook a 5 week course via Zoom.



Five week course via Zoom.

I teach the IAIM gold standard programme in infant massage. It is a 5 week course with weekly one hour classes.

The course includes strokes for your baby's feet, legs, tummy, chest, arms, hands, face and back. Plus, I will teach you a seperate routine to help ease wind and colic and a gentle movements routine to promote brain development, balance and coordination.

I will give you a full set of handouts with reminders of all of the strokes and routines, plus information about oils and when to massage your baby. My baby massage courses are currently held via Zoom.

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  Story Massage

Story Massage WorkshopBook a one-to-one workshop
Story Massage courseBook a group workshop


90 minute workshop via Zoom

Join me for a one-off 90 minute workshop via Zoom.

This workshop is ideal for anyone with a baby or babies, toddler or pre-schoolers. You will learn the Story Massage Programme strokes and create a story massage of your own. You will also receive sample stories and rhymes for inspiration.

Join me for a fun and a creative 90 minutes during which you will learn a new skill that will last a life-time and you can enjoy with your child, partner, friends and family.

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  Baby Yoga

Host a baby yoga courseBook a 4 week group course.
Private baby yoga courseBook a one to one 4 week course.
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Four week course via Zoom

I teach Birthlight baby yoga over a 4 week course with weekly one hour classes.

Over the 4 weeks I will teach you a leg routine, an arm routine, hip routine and many other moves to promote your baby's physical well-being, improved sleep and improve digestion and relief for colicky babies.

I will also show you gentle movements for you to help release tension and nourish your body. All movements are shared with your baby and encourage bonding between parent and baby.

  Cai Baby Courses and Workshops

For all online courses and workshops prices are per family, including siblings and partners.


The perfect baby shower or maternity leave gift: a baby massage course. Contact Cheryl for details and a gift voucher

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